Devil’s Trap

By Josh Colon

Stop by C2E2 in Chicago this weekend, artist’s alley table M12 if you want to pick up this sweet True Detective print!

To those who’ve sent kind notes, thank you for the compliments :)

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Flat Circle

By Josh Colon

Another print you can pick up at C2E2 this weekend!

The Flash

By Josh Colon

I’ll be at Chicago’s C2E2 comic convention this weekend. Come on by if you’d like to pick this print up!

What Lies in the Cerulean Caves
By RJ Palmer

The Prince and the Hound
By Phobs

Dragon Queen
By Paul Renaud

Kanto 115
By Piper Thibodeau

Captain America
By Mitch Breitweiser

Superman By Brian Stelfreeze

By Brian Stelfreeze

Kanto 104-105
By Piper Thibodeau

Phantom Space Man
By Chris Walton

Steampunk Wonder Woman
By Serge Birault

Bart Allen: The Flash By Karl Kerschl

Bart Allen: The Flash
By Karl Kerschl